Model Portfolio Management

Within a firms CIP management, we believe that some clients will benefit from the implementation of internally run model portfolios. When run in-house, asset allocation, risk management and fund selection can be more beneficial for clients as all aspects are known and understood.

When model portfolios and investments are outsourced, the individual managers will invest against ever changing investment conditions and so asset allocation, risk and volatility can change very quickly and may become un-beneficial for individual clients. This causes risks in the future, whilst these changes may create unfavourable characteristics for individual clients.

We also understand that running model portfolios can be extremely difficult and so these are either not undertaken or not run as well as they could be.

At Gilt Edge Investment Consultancy we can provide guidance on the designing and management of model portfolios. We have experience of running this in-house and on a consultancy basis for IFA firms for a number of years.

All of our portfolios are designed to a set specific asset allocation which is individually designed for each IFA practice depending on service and investment packages available. The portfolios are monitored daily to make sure that they continue within the allocation. Changes are made on a set basis agreed up front with the IFA and depends on how the portfolios are designed.

Each set of portfolios are individually tailored for each IFA and will be dependent on the service packages available, client’s wealth and experience and the objectives required. Each portfolio will be benchmarked individually to an agreed benchmark upfront. Changes will be made when required to the individual investments within a portfolio. At this point a detailed evaluation will be completed on the new investment and this will be updated regularly. Comparisons, asset allocation and portfolio performance will be regularly reviewed and presented to the IFA practice on an agreed timescale.

We will utilise our wealth of experience to source each investment in the best opportunities available. We currently do not use any constraints within our investments. We are fully independent and will look to utilise funds and other investments that other opportunities may overlook due to manager tenure, size or underlying company risks as these can provide greater returns over longer periods. We will utilise investments from any manager, provide up-to-date research on these and regularly have contact with the managers of the funds we recommend.

All portfolios are on a consultancy basis only and will be available individually across all major wrap platforms.

At Gilt Edge I.C. we can also provide an independent review of existing model portfolios and provide guidance on changes that could be made.