Fund Research

At Gilt Edge we pride ourselves on our committed research into any investment proposition that we recommend or provide examination on.

Having ran investment propositions for a number of years, we have become accustomed to researching and interviewing fund managers on the investment propositions they run.

Researching these types of investments is extremely difficult as there is so much information available. This normally means that many do not undertake any research when utilising and investment proposition. This can provide extreme risks for advisers and clients as when investments are not continually researched, undesired actions may take place.

To limit these actions and reactions, we undertake research on every single investment proposition that we recommend. The research is extremely detailed and will involve independent data collection from a number of sources including direct access to Fund Managers and presentations. Having this direct access within the initial research we can provide the most comprehensive view on how the investment will work going forward.

This research is undertaken on every option and will be updated at least every six months. At Gilt Edge we understand that on-going research of the propositions utilised can be more important than the upfront research completed. Managers regularly change their funds and objectives and so being aware of this can help identify when changes need to occur. At Gilt Edge I.C. our initial and on-going research puts us ahead of the curve in regard to investing and disinvesting in funds.