Alternative Investment Research

Many IFAs post RDR have kept their fully independent status but have do not have the expertise or time to research additional investment opportunities for their clients This means that these types of investments either get advised incorrectly or not at all.

Many clients can be beneficiaries of these types of investments and the use of these can be the difference between a client actually achieving their goals and objectives.

Both Simon and Ian have experience and expertise of advising these investments and Simon has achieved the advanced diploma in Investments and therefore has additional expertise when providing advice and information on these types of investments.

The team work closely with the provider of the products to identify the best opportunities for individual and groups of clients. Additional help is also provided in the pre and post advice process to allow full suitability to be provided when these products are undertaken.

The additional alternatives where advice will be provided include:

  • Structured products
  • EIS
  • VCT
  • BPR
  • Investment Trusts
  • ETFs