Full review

Full review

Client: Chartered IFA practice based in Solihull

Skills: Full review of current investment portfolios utilised

An IFA recently got in contact after hearing about the service we provide for IFAs. This IFA has been in force for a significant amount of time and the advisers have grown their practice to a high level of funds under management. These advisers highlighted a risk that many others have stressed to be one of the biggest risks to IFAs, this risk is ‘time’ and mainly the lack of time available to perform all aspects of running a business and managing new and existing clients.  This IFA highlighted that the one area that has had the least amount of development due to time constraints is the running of their internal investment portfolios.

After formally meeting the IFA in their office, a full comprehensive review was completed on the portfolios and their benchmarks. This review highlighted any regulatory and investment changes that should be made straight away and any other changes which could benefit clients and the practice in the future. All of these changes were illustrated and options for changes were provided. The review completed is fully independent and is completed for the IFA practice.

After presenting the review to the IFAs, we discussed how the changes should be implemented in the most cost efficient way that benefits clients and the practice as a whole. Gilt Edge helped design and implement the changes within the firm’s documentation, on-going review process, initial business process and centralised investment proposition. Finally an individual schedule was agreed with the firm to provide on-going management of the investment process and CIP on an on-going basis.