Centralised Investment

Centralised Investment

Client: IFA Practice in Worcester

Skills: Evaluation and design of IFAs Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP)

When we first consulted with this IFA practice they were a small firm looking to grow both new and existing client relationships. This ambition grew to the development of the business to be a fully independent practice and provide the best opportunities to their clients. They had an investment process in place but this had not been reviewed for a few years and the underlying holdings had not had continual research over this time.

At first we got to know the business inside and out. This meant spending time with the company and its advisers to intensely scrutinise its current offering and propose different options that would strengthen the service propositions available to their clients.

A new centralised investment proposition was designed which fitted in with the service packages offered and was tiered so all clients could benefit. This proposition was initially designed on a bespoke basis and through subsequent meetings with the company, the new system was altered to validate what was proposed would provide the best opportunities for the IFAs client base. This CIP is consequently independently reviewed by Gilt Edge on a yearly basis with changes being implemented when they are required.