Bespoke portfolio

Bespoke portfolio

Client: IFA Practice in Hereford

Skills: Bespoke portfolio and asset allocation design for large trust case

Through connections of working with an IFA company in Worcester, an IFA in Hereford contacted Gilt Edge in regard to additional support required to help design and monitor a bespoke investment portfolio for a large discretionary trust case. The trust is large and requires a set income per annum. The IFA approached us once the business has been enacted to help provide the best options for the trust to produce the income required and when available, capital return over and above the income.

The previous investment proposition utilised was volatile and so the Trustees had a separate mandate of reducing volatility and large losses going forward as the underlying capital is hugely important.

After the IFA initially discussed the attitude to risk that was required for the investment, we helped design an asset allocation and subsequent portfolio that would create income and capital growth whilst limiting volatility. The mandate was thoroughly evaluated and this was completed by Gilt Edge on behalf of the IFA. The portfolio is a ‘bespoke’ mandate for this IFA and is rebalanced on a quarterly basis. This portfolio like all our offerings, is managed on a daily basis and will be changed in extreme circumstances outside the quarterly dates to provide the best opportunities for the trust.