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The best of a bad bunch?

The best of a bad bunch? The thoughts of Gilt Edge.


A snap election called by Theresa was a shock to the system after the Easter break. On reflection, her timing is very sensible. The Conservatives were ahead in the polls and have themselves suggested there is not much of an opposition to their winning. One of the first surveys by ComsRes had the Conservatives ahead of Labour by 21 points. This is the greatest lead any Conservative party in power has had since 1983 and the largest of any party since 2009. Many Labour supporters will disagree as Jeremy Corbyn is exceeding expectations and closing the gap consistently week on week, with figures from four major polls reducing the gap to between 9 and 13 points.


Update on the French Presidential Election

Deuxième round – a Macron victory? The thoughts of Gilt Edge.


Is it presumptuous to predict an overwhelming victory for Emmanuel Macron on Sunday? Possibly, take Brexit or the election of President Trump. We would point out that, in fact, the Netherlands vote went the way of the polls and due to the system, the French electorate chooses its next President, it seems Mr Macron has too much support for Marie Le-Pen to overturn.


Stand out from the crowd – a unique approach

In a recent survey it was found that 9 out of 10 financial advisers use a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) as the core element of their Central Investment Proposition.


Theresa May and Her 12 Point Brexit Plan

Everything is leading to a hard Brexit and massive uncertainty. The thoughts of Gilt Edge.

It seems that politics and political rhetoric have dominated investment markets for the past two weeks. This provides risks and volatility to markets as political risk can rarely be priced in correctly.


Issues IFAs may face – Standard Life

Standard Life, This document has been writtten in publication and is for investment professionals only. An excellent article on the issues Financial Advisers may face and where Gilt Edge can support you.


The Implications of a ‘NO’ vote in Italy

Italian Referendum – The beginning of the end? The thoughts of Gilt Edge on the ‘No’ vote in the Italian referendum.

On Sunday we witnessed the Italian people reject Mario Renzi’s referendum proposal by a massive 60% of the population. We can now explore


What does a Trump victory mean to Global Investment Markets

What does a Trump victory mean to Global Investment Markets and why does Gilt Edge think diversification will be key to Investors over the next 12 months?

Twice in 2016 we have seen a major election bamboozle the polls and more importantly global investment markets. What all investors should consider


US Elections – Guide to the Market

Bloomberg, Investors suddenly became much more confident that Hillary Clinton will prevail over Donald Trump for a status quo outcome in the U.S. presidential campaign — a Democrat in the White House reined in by Republicans in Congress.