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The best of a bad bunch?

The best of a bad bunch? The thoughts of Gilt Edge.


A snap election called by Theresa was a shock to the system after the Easter break. On reflection, her timing is very sensible. The Conservatives were ahead in the polls and have themselves suggested there is not much of an opposition to their winning. One of the first surveys by ComsRes had the Conservatives ahead of Labour by 21 points. This is the greatest lead any Conservative party in power has had since 1983 and the largest of any party since 2009. Many Labour supporters will disagree as Jeremy Corbyn is exceeding expectations and closing the gap consistently week on week, with figures from four major polls reducing the gap to between 9 and 13 points.


Does your CIP compliment your practice

The importance of a Central Investment Proposition (CIP) is now fundamental for a successful IFA practice.