Your Investment Committee – are you meeting the requirements?

Your Investment Committee – are you meeting the requirements?

Do you hold quarterly investment meetings in your practice? Would an independent, unbiased overview benefit your practice?



We currently offer a service to Financial Advisers in the form of a partner attending your investment meetings and offering their viewpoint in terms of current economic and market conditions.


This may be all you need, and if so, any points of view given and market evaluation can be provided in writing to keep in your practices investment documentation.


Why is this important?


The role of an Investment Committee is a regulatory requirement. However, as there are no formal recommended structures, your committee can take the shape best suited to your practice and needs. A typical structure may revolve around an independent expert, along with your advisers and some of your board members.


In a time where sentiment is driving markets, an independent voice could give your practice a broad approach. It would provide you with an opportunity to ask questions of a consultant which you may not have had the opportunity to do.


If you would like further information, please contact us using the details below.


Simon Jackson
Investment Consultant



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