How can Gilt Edge support you?

How can Gilt Edge support you?

Gilt Edge Investment Consultancy is an independent firm set up and managed by Ian and Simon Jackson. We provide, assist and guide IFAs in running their centralised Investment Propositions. The service allows IFAs to continue to manage their client base without the risks of a DFM or other third party taking on the running of the clients and their assets.

When an IFA utilises our model portfolio service, there will be a natural increase of funds under management from the funds utilised in the models.

There will also be a natural increase of the funds under management with IFAs that utilise our research for new and existing holdings of funds within their own models. Unlike many consolidators and DFMs, our first action is to review existing portfolios and so any current holdings will not automatically be removed as we will work with the IFA and asset manager to find the best opportunities for portfolios in the future.

Other benefits to adviser clients include a more robust process regarding managing funds under management, portfolio changes and new fund opportunities.

Finally, we can provide a full holistic solution for IFAs who are currently looking to move their holdings to DFMs, Multi Asset or Multi Managers or are currently utilising these options and so would increase your assets in the future.

Gilt Edge have no constraints within their fund research and are long term holders of funds when utilised within our models. We are happy to utilise any investment that fits within our asset allocation and if required, we will happily seed investments or invest from a very small asset base.

Further Information and Meetings

If you would like to discuss this with Ian or Simon, or what Gilt Edge has to offer and how we are looking to work with IFAs in the future please do get in contact.

Gilt Edge can also help provide further information at client meetings, lunches or group meetings on why IFAs should look to keep investments in-house and run their propositions internally. If you would like to discuss this option further please do get in contact.

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